martes, 3 de junio de 2014

Live the Experience of a Gaucho in Uruguay

Play an active role in typical farming tasks and revive traditions such as milking, kneading, driving cattle, planting, harvesting, and cattle branding, which are some of the most most genuine experiences a tourist can have in Uruguay. 

Live the experience of a gaucho

The fields provide many charms such as the possibility of experiencing unique aromas and natural flavours.

Today the descendents of the original archtypal gaucho, laborers, foremen and overseers of estates and ranches, drovers and herdsmen, trainers and camp singers, retain the most endearing values of the gaucho; the value, farming skills, horse riding, honest hospitality and overall kindness. 

Hence in Uruguay the phrase “hacer una gauchada” means making a noble gesture or having a good attitude.

In Uruguay, the gaucho is an important figure in national folklore as he symbolises freedom and individuality. Poetic representations of gauchos describe them as the exemplar of courage and independence. 

But beyond how they are presented by the music, literature and paintings, this character is an important symbol within Uruguayan culture.


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