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Uruguay: Live in First World Comfort

The small South American country of Uruguay is sure to enchant you with its cordiality, sociability, and courtesy. The atmosphere is warm, relaxed, and hospitable…you’re sure to feel at ease from the moment you arrive

Uruguay will appeal to people who are ready to retire, invest, or buy a second home abroad, but who are also looking for a country with similar cultural values to their home country. A place with a good infrastructure and reasonable prices, but without the culture shock they might experience in a Third-World venue.

It boasts an environment that’s safe, secure, and without natural disasters. We atInternational Living have been covering Uruguay since 2004, and between then and now, much has changed. Areas of the country that were virtually undiscovered by international buyers have become well-known to the foreign homeowner and investor, while new parts of the country have emerged as today’s leading-edge places to watch.

While there are terrific deals available throughout the country, several areas have really grabbed our attention during the past year. The capital city of Montevideo is like an Old World European city with its kept buildings, fine restaurants, and international ambiance and property prices you won’t believe for a capital city.

Colonia del Sacramento is one of the finest examples of an historic colonial settlement you’ll see in the Americas. Its cobblestone streets, quiet parks, and finely restored antique stone buildings represent a period in our heritage that has been lost in much of this hemisphere. Colonia and its surrounding area offer a great range of options when it comes to buying properties and the town is seeing the arrival of significant numbers of North Americans for the first time.

Then contrast that with Punta del Este, a world-class beach resort that has been the playground of rich Europeans for years. Punta del Este remains South America’s premier beach resort, with a super real estate market and great rental returns.

Uruguay truly has a lifestyle and a region for everyone. Whether you want to live downtown in a world capital, in the heart of an old colonial city, in one of the world’s famous beach resorts, or on a sprawling ranch of 1,000 acres in the heartland, you can be sure that Uruguay has a place for you.

Let’s take a look around the country to give you a flavor for what the different areas are like.
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Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living

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