lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

Direct Farming Investment in Uruguay and Paraguay

This is an annual cash-flow investment with a high yielding return and an attractive risk to profit profile. The major risks faced are market price volatility and climate but these are minimised by hedging, diversification, insurance and the use of experienced managers 

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Historical Returns of 13% to 17%

The investment cycle has a duration of 12-14 months (the first year ) that an investor participates. The Investor must confirm their investment with the transfer of funds being between March and August of each year. 

Profits are paid in September of each year, depending on the chosen crop sale date and capital may be withdrawn each September (the only requirement is to give notice in May of the same year), so that management can reserve these funds and not rent farms for the next cycle without that money in hand).

Invest in Uruguay and Paraguay with Kosak Investments

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