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Uruguayan secret for success in soccer: baby football

It´s Sunday morning in Uruguay, the whole family is up and dressed, wating to get to the car. They are not going to the Church, but it´s almost a religious event: they are taking the kids to play baby football, a peculiar way of making kids start playin soccer from their very early age.

It is not just the activity of the little ones, it is a family event. On the field kids are star players, fathers are coaches and mums are the most enthusiastic fans.

Many think Uruguay's great production of top quality soccer players per-capita is linked to this tradition. 
Uruguay is the country with most international cups and honours: 2 World Cups, 2 Olympic Medals and 15 America Cups make of this 3 million people country an amazing exception in the rule that only big, crowded and powerful countries have the best teams.
Take a snapshot into the youth soccer programs that might be creating the next Luis Suárez, Edinson Cavani or Diego Forlán.
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